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See [Finding Your Alation Version](🔗) for help determining which version of Alation you're using.

# 2023.1.4 API Release Notes

## New

  • [Agent API](🔗) - We've added a new API for working with the Alation Agent. With this new API, you can programmatically set up, configure, and maintain an installed Alation Agent. Check out our recipes for using the new API:

    • [Set Up an Alation Agent](🔗) - This recipe starts with an existing installation of the Alation Agent and uses the Alation Agent API to configure and connect the Agent to Alation.

    • [Agent Re-Setup](🔗) - Use this recipe to set up an existing Agent on a new machine. You'll need to install the Agent package on the new machine first. This recipe will configure the new Agent installation, connect it to Alation, and reinstall all the connectors you had previously installed on the Agent.

    • [Agent Resync](🔗) - This recipe will reinstall all connectors on an existing agent.

  • [Workflows API](🔗) - We've added a new API for working with Workflows. Currently there's a single GET endpoint to list Workflows.

## Updated

  • [Custom Field Values](🔗) - We've added Policy Groups (`policy_group`) as a supported object type for the Custom Field Values API.

## Fixed

  • You can now use the Conversations API to like a post in a resolved Conversation.

  • The Conversations GET request will now return @mentions in the post text.