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API Release Notes

2023.1 API Release Notes

See Finding Your Alation Version for help determining which version of Alation you're using.


  • For Alation Cloud Service customers on our cloud native architecture, we've introduced a new user role: the Explorer. Explorers can use the Query API (except the CREATE endpoint). Otherwise, Explorers have the same API permissions as the Viewer role.
  • Conversations API - We've added a new API for working with Conversations. We introduced endpoints for getting, creating, updating, and deleting Conversations and Conversation replies (posts).


  • Data Sources API (OCF) - The GET endpoints now include the supports_ocf_query_service_api parameter, which indicates whether an OCF connector supports Compose through the Alation Agent. We also added new endpoints to the Data Sources API (OCF):

    • Update OCF data sources
    • Check connection configuration on OCF data sources
    • Check if OCF connector is responsive
  • User API - We enhanced the GET methods to return the date the user was created and their last login date. We also added new query parameters enabling you to filter on the user's creation date and last login date. This will enable Alation program owners to drive adoption of the catalog by programmatically identifying users who haven't logged in for a given time. You can then send users a message encouraging them to take advantage of Alation.


  • Virtual File System API - We fixed a bug where POST calls were failing if the ts_last_accessed parameter were missing from the request. This has been fixed so ts_last_accessed is no longer required for uploading virtual file systems.