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API Release Notes

See Finding Your Alation Version for help determining which version of Alation you're using.

2023.3.5 API Release Notes


  • We've added a new Cross-System Lineage API that enables you to associate, for example, RDBMS data sources with BI servers for the purposes of creating cross-system lineage. You can get, create, update, and delete cross-system lineage records. This API can be used by Source Admins, Catalog Admins, and Server Admins. (AL-141305)


  • Catalog Admins can now use the Custom Field Values API.
  • We updated the Retrieve Terms endpoint so you can now filter terms by which glossary they belong to. The GET response now includes which glossary fields the term belongs to, any custom fields associated with the term, and the ID of the term's template. (AL-111871)
  • You can now make BI servers private or public when creating a BI server and updating a BI server with the API. When getting a BI server, the response indicates whether the server is private. (AL-142964)


  • We fixed a bug in the Data Dictionary API where a trailing slash was included in the documentation for the GET endpoint, which was causing API calls to fail. (AL-142026)
  • The Articles API now returns the correct error code (401) when a call is made with an invalid token. Previously it returned a 403 error code.