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Finding Your Alation Version

When using APIs that are only available for certain Alation versions, you may need to figure out which version of Alation you are using. You can find your Alation version by looking in the Alation UI or programmatically with APIs.

Using Alation to Find Your Alation Version

  1. Log into Alation.
  2. Click the question mark icon in the top right corner of the toolbar.
  3. Select About this Instance. The Alation version will be displayed at the top of the page.

Using APIs to Find Your Alation Version

Send a GET request to the /full_version endpoint. Example:

curl --request GET \
  --url https://{YOUR_ALATION_DOMAIN}/full_version \
  --header 'TOKEN: {YOUR_TOKEN}'

You'll get a JSON object indicating the version number and release name of Alation. In the following example response, the ALATION_RELEASE_NAME property indicates that it's version 2022.4.3 of Alation:

	"ALATION_RELEASE_NAME": "Alation 2022.4.3",
	"ALATION_VERSION_BRANCH": "production_alation-2022.4",
	"ALATION_VERSION_COMMIT_HASH": "10a3ce5eb8046415e8e9c119cd55f85af23cb1fd",
	"ALATION_VERSION_TREE_HASH": "193f2e5d28c16aaa7ec879da8f3348d71e159954"