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API Release Notes

See Finding Your Alation Version for help determining which version of Alation you're using.

2023.3 API Release Notes

New APIs

New Endpoints

  • We've added new endpoints for listing change requests, creating change requests, and showing details of those requests. Check out the recipe for creating workflow requests in bulk.
  • We added a new version of the Conversations API. The new version has the following improvements:
    • We added endpoints for managing assignees for Conversations. Assignees can now be groups in addition to users.
    • We've added indicators for the number of replies and whether a conversation has been deleted.
    • You can now filter conversations by their creation date, the date of their last response, or whether the conversation has answers.
  • There's a new endpoint to get a list of available OCF connectors for a given native connector, along with the applicable data sources. This can help identify the right connectors and data sources when migrating from native to OCF connectors.


  • The Data Sources (Native) API has been improved so the Bulk migrate data sources to OCF endpoint's response includes the Alation URL for each data source, and the three outcomes of migration are more clearly named.