API Release Notes

2022.4.3 API Release Notes

See Finding Your Alation Version for help determining which version of Alation you're using.


User API V2 - A new public User API V2 is now available to users with the Server Admin role. The API includes endpoints for getting multiple users and getting a single user. Compared to the already existing User API V1, the User API V2 allows retrieving more user attributes (for example, user created date and user last login date) as part of the request. It also allows you to filter users by when they were created and when they last logged in.


User API V1 - Two new endpoints were added to the public User API V1 to provide an alternative way to remove duplicate user accounts. This API is available to users with the Server Admin role. These endpoints will help admins who are updating to Alation 2022.3 or later if they need to remove duplicate usernames. See De-duplicated Mixed Case Usernames for more information on why this is needed.

To remove duplicate usernames, you'll first need to use the generate_dup_users_accts_csv_file endpoint to download a CSV file containing a list of duplicate user accounts. You'll then edit the file to indicate which accounts should be suspended, using the instructions in De-duplicate Mixed Case Usernames - Edit the CSV File. Finally, you'll use the remove_dup_users_accts endpoint to upload the edited CSV file. This will remove any duplicate user accounts.