Open API Index

This page lists all Alation API's with Open API 3.0 specifications and available on an Alation instance.

Note: From Alation 2021.2 onwards the alation.feature_flags.enable_swagger has been set to True by default. So all the Swagger UI pages mentioned below would be accessible unless stated otherwise. However if you want to undo this, set the flag to False using alation_conf.
OpenAPI 3.0 Specification

To see the specification, replace {AlationInstanceURL} below with your Alation instance's URL and visit the link:

  • API Authentication - {AlationInstanceURL}/openapi/api_authentication/
  • Custom Fields - {AlationInstanceURL}/openapi/custom_field/
  • Custom Fields Value - {AlationInstanceURL}/openapi/custom_field_value/
  • Datasources - {AlationInstanceURL}/openapi/datasources/
  • Business Intelligence - {AlationInstanceURL}/openapi/gbmv2/
  • Group - {AlationInstanceURL}/openapi/group/
  • Lineage and Dataflow - {AlationInstanceURL}/openapi/lineage/
  • Otypes - {AlationInstanceURL}/openapi/otypes/
  • Search - {AlationInstanceURL}/openapi/search/
  • RDBMS Integration APIs -{AlationInstanceURL}/openapi/integration_apis/

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