Custom Field Values Overview

Custom Field Value API (V2)


Both Custom Field Value & Custom Field Value Async APIs will allow up to update the custom metadata fields on the below objects.


Titles & Descriptions

These APIs will not allow you to update titles and descriptions on the the following object types. You will need to use the Relational Integration API to perform these actions.

  • data
  • schema
  • table
  • attribute


  • Custom Field Value Async - We recommend using this API for modifying custom metadata when you have over 6000 objects to update. It is more performant.

Supported Object Types

  • attribute
  • bi_connection
  • bi_connection_column
  • bi_datasource
  • bi_datasource_column
  • bi_dimension
  • bi_folder
  • bi_measure
  • bi_report
  • bi_report_column
  • bi_server
  • business_policy
  • data
  • dataflow
  • directory
  • doc_schema
  • docstore_collection
  • docstore_folder
  • domain
  • file
  • filesystem
  • glossary_term
  • policy
  • schema
  • table

OpenAPI 3.0 Specification

The Custom Field Value API uses the OpenAPI 3.0 Specification (OAS). OAS is a broadly adopted industry standard for describing APIs.

To see the specification, replace {AlationInstanceURL} below with your Alation instance's URL and visit the link:

  • {AlationInstanceURL}/openapi/custom_field_value/
  • {AlationInstanceURL}/openapi/custom_field_value/ async/