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Upload a data dictionary

Updates catalog object with the metadata provided in the data dictionary file. In order to set a value in the catalog, the following requirements must be met.
(1) The object being updated must be present in Alation.
(2) Custom field names must be valid and present in the catalog.
(3) The user performing the API call must have edit permissions on the field in question.
(4) The field being updated must belong to the object's template.
(5) The value provided must be a valid data type for the field.

This endpoint can only be used by the Composer role and above by default.
Setting the alation_conf parameter alation.feature_flags.disable_perm_check_on_upload_dd to true disables field-level permission checks during the upload process,
which may improve performance, and also makes it so only Catalog Admins and Server Admins can use this endpoint.
For help using alation_conf, see Using alation_conf.

Upload Data Dictionaries
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The alation_conf parameter alation.feature_flags.dev_enable_data_dictionary_redesign must be set to true to use this API. For help using alation_conf, see Using alation_conf.

You can include columns in the data dictionary upload file, as long as you also include one of the higher-level objects (data source, schema, or table).

See Importing a Data Dictionary in the Alation docs for details on how to format the data dictionary file.